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We close when others can’t. Often, East Tennesse Home Buyers is a second or third-choice investor, as many homeowners call us only after the deal falls through the floor with another investor. Often, other ‘we buy homes’ companies will offer more money up-front, but then, they all inevitably negotiate you down when it’s time to close, knowing that you are hard-up for money or you just want to get the deal done, so you are apt to take less. Sometimes, ‘we buy houses’ companies will actually back out of the deal after the process is started. That’s when a lot of people call us.

East Tennessee Home Buyers is happy to be the go-to investor in Knoxville. If all else fails, people know that East Tennessee Home Buyers is a cash home buyer in Knoxville that they can trust. If possible, it’s best if homeowners choose us from the beginning. We may not always make the highest offer, but you can always take our word. You can save yourself a couple of months of time! We’ll even close on the date that you request. Contact us at the following phone number to get a fair cash offer for your home today:

  • Call 865-935-8680

Everybody has a different reason for selling a home for cash. For example, some people inherit a property that they either don’t need, don’t want, or can’t take care of. Other people might be going through a divorce or moving to another state. Others just need cash right now. Regardless of your reason for selling your house for cash, there are many advantages to do, some of which you might not have even thought of.  

A Cash Home Buyer in Knoxville that Accommodates You

Selling houses for cash is a popular choice for people who need to move right away. It’s also a good choice for people who want to stay in their houses a little longer. Perhaps you need a little more time to prepare to move and get your finances in order. East Tennesee Home Buyers can usually work out a deal with homeowners to let them remain in their homes until an agreed-upon date of your request.

If you need a cash home buyer in Knoxville, choose East Tennessee Home Buyers. We buy houses for cash fast as is. There is no need for you to worry about repairs, deep cleaning, or getting your home ready for an open house. We will buy your property for cash and do all of the repair and clean-up work ourselves. Then, we will either turn the property into a rental or flip it for a profit. We’ll make sure to give you as much money as we can so that you are happy, and the deal is also worth our time.

You Might Get More than You Bargain for

In most cases, even though our customers receive less than they would if they were to sell the home at market value, they actually come out with more money. How so? Because they may save thousands – even tens of thousands – of dollars on repairing and getting the property ready to sell.

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