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For Sale By Owner in Knoxville: The Costs, the Time, and the Results

Selling your home yourself and take time. Selling to a professional homebuyer can save you time and money!
Save time & sell to a locally trusted cash home buyer!

Your home’s condition and willingness or ability to fix any glaring issues will greatly affect how well your listing will perform on the Knoxville real estate market. Additionally, you’ll need to pay for any needed repairs or replacements, either upfront or by negotiating the cost with your buyers, who typically demand excessive credit, dramatically reducing your profits.

Tools and methodologies are becoming more complex as technology advances, creating new standards for listing agents. Thus, professionals must keep pace with the competition and plan successful marketing campaigns to showcase properties in their best light. Furthermore, real estate professionals spend a lot of time networking and building connections within the industry to assist with the many steps involved in selling a house. 

Sadly, many homeowners attempt to sell their homes independently due to the cost of these systems and the professionals that contribute to them. They want to avoid real estate commissions and other professional fees as much as possible to maximize profits for themselves. However, statistics show that this is not the typical outcome. Let’s explore how to sell your Knoxville home as an FSBO, or for sale by owner, in terms of costs, time, and results..


n order to present your home for sale in the best possible light for marketing, showings, and an inspection, you can expect many out-of-pocket expenses. Whenever you have work done, it’s important to get three estimates; you’ll need to understand your budget, make the changes that will increase your return, and save for unexpected problems. To begin with, a local professional home buyer like East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC will provide an estimate of the profit you may make by selling yourself. You will then be able to see the numbers used to reach our cash offer to buy your home directly, so that you can be sure it’s fair.


Independently or with an agent, listing a home on the market does not guarantee it will sell soon. Additionally, there will be a delay when there is work to be done, so you will still have to pay your regular monthly bills while you’re prepping, completing repairs, and while your house is on the market. A timeline should be established so that different projects don’t overlap; for instance, if the plumber waits on-site for the cabinet installers to finish, he may incur delays and higher costs. Project timelines can also lead to tensions. You can sell your home directly to a professional home buyer like those at East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC for a stress-free, guaranteed closing date in a few weeks. Feel free to talk to your direct buyer at East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC about the best date for you.

Work and Stress

It can be challenging to coordinate tradespeople with a for sale by owner listing due to the decision making, deadlines, and scheduling involved. Bringing your home to its full potential can be stressful and time-consuming. It’s likely that you will experience a strain on your energy levels and focus in every area of your life if you’ve done the prep and repairs yourself. It can also wear on nerves if you have to watch a steady stream of workers, hear their noise, and breathe their dust all day long, unless you pay to move elsewhere and do the work during the day. Additionally, unless you’re a professional, you shouldn’t try to do more complex repairs like electrical, plumbing, or roofing on your own, unless you’re comfortable doing so. A direct sale to a professional home buyer like East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC saves you all of the inconvenience, time, and holding costs.


In comparison to other listings, FSBOs bring in about 26% less on average. Moreover, only 7 percent of FSBO sellers found qualified buyers in 2021. With the costs, time, and results added up, it’s not worth the effort for sale by owner listings in Knoxville. Alternatively, you can leave your wallet in your pocket and relax in your new home in no time by selling directly to a professional home buyer like East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC.

When it comes to selling for the most profit, selling directly to a professional home buyer from East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC is a quick, easy and convenient solution. When you sell your home directly to East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC, you avoid hassles, headaches, and lost time.al estate sales. Working with East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC direct buyers means knowing that we care; we care about how you feel long after closing the deal. Call East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC at (865) 935-8680.

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