How to Sell a House in KnoxvilleTN With Fire or Water Damage

Significent water damage can prevent you from selling your house!
Selling A House With Water Damage Is Never Easy

Water can seep through the tiniest of spaces. Whether it’s broken guttering that causes water damage to the soffit & fascia boards or copper tubing with a pinhole leak resulting in ruined sheetrock, hardwood floors or created dangerous unseen mold. There are many dangers associated with water damage. The above-mentioned mold is potentially very serious as well as any structural or foundation issues! Once you detect potential water damage, you must take action immediately. Contacting a locally licensed water restoration company is the first step.

Once that is done, it’s time to proceed with your insurance company adjuster. It can be helpful to understand the options that are available to you in this scenario. No matter the cause of the damage, the financial and emotional impact of a fire or flooding event may mean that selling is the best choice. Although selling your home is stressful, the added dilemma of the property damaged by a disaster only adds to the strain. 

You may be wondering how the damage will affect the process and just what these options may mean to your profits on the sale. Read on to learn about the options available for you to sell a house in Knoxville with fire or water damage.


To sell a house in Knoxville with fire or water damage at total market value, you could go through restoring the home and then listing it for sale by yourself or through a real estate agent. Your insurance adjuster can likely recommend a reliable fire restoration firm. However, it is not cost-effective or wise for an owner to attempt this type of work independently. Your selection of professionals to do the job will make all the difference in the project’s outcome and how long the work will take. As a real estate investor, you well know, time is money. When calculating the profit you hope to walk away with, consider the potential holding costs.  It can be highly stressful as the days and weeks begin to pass while you first restore the home and then list as you wait for the right buyer; many more months may pass before the property sells. And when you do have your buyer, remember, full disclosure about the damage is the best course of action to prevent legal action in the future.

Sell As-Is

You could try to sell a house in Knoxville with fire or water damage as it is either as an FSBO or with an agent as well at a discounted price. So that you can knowledgeably price the damaged property, you must understand all of the out-of-pocket expenses listings entail in addition to the current Knoxville market conditions. However, listing means you should prepare for marketing costs. Depending upon the home’s condition, these costs could include high-quality digital photography and 360-degree virtual tours and paying commissions and fees, and some closing costs. You will also have to deal with the hassles of showings. Homes listed as-is on the Knoxville market tend to get rock bottom offers that can quite frankly be insulting to the owners. Finally, listing a home for sale means there is no guarantee how much your property will sell for or when it will sell, for that matter. Because of the damage, homeowners must often live in another home while still paying monthly expenses for the damaged home. The downside of a property lingering on the market is that the greater the number of days, the lower the final sales price, along with the bills continuing to pour in. 

East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC

Given your specific circumstances, the pros at East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC have the experience to help you plan the best course of action, laying out the costs you can expect and profit from each option so you can make an educated decision. When you sell a house with fire or water damage directly to East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC, you could skip the hassles and expenses of listing, not to mention the uncertainty of how much the property will sell for or how long you will wait for closing. And if you are in a hurry, East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC can close in a matter of days in many cases. Selling directly to East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC means you can stop worrying about making repairs. As a bonus of working with East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC, you can save time and money and skip the prep work, expenses, and trouble of listing. At East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC, we have a team of pros who work together, making it easy for you to sell. East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC can quickly assess your property and make an offer that you will agree is fair. If you are among the many homeowners who would rather avoid the discomfort of strangers walking through your home during showings, selling directly to East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC is the solution to your problems. Contact East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC at (865) 935-8680 today!

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