How to Sell Your Knoxville House Without Spending Any Money

By Selling without any out of pocket expense, means a bigger payday at the closing table.
A No-Cost Way To Sell Your Knoxville Home Can Save You Big Bucks! 

In order to sell your home, you prep it and make repairs to attract buyers, spending a lot of energy, money, and time before you even list it. As well as showings, paying high commissions, fees, and closing costs, sellers face a lot of hassle. 

You can also work with a professional to handle the paperwork and keep more cash at closing without the headaches and uncertainties of a traditional listing. Here’s how you can sell your Knoxville house without spending a cent. 

No Marketing

Real estate marketing is expensive when you want to compete with current industry standards; agents generally hire professional high-quality digital photographers and stagers at your expense. By presenting your house well, among other somewhat expensive marketing steps, you’ll get buyers walking through your door. Rather than spending money on marketing, you can sell to professional buyers like East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC directly. East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC‘s professional buyers are locals with cash to spend.

No Prepping

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for an interior, or you can replace outdated decor, appliances, and finishes like cabinetry or flooring. Also, make sure your house looks pristine during the listing period so buyers can walk through impromptu. With East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC, you can avoid showings and sell your Knoxville house without spending any money. It shouldn’t cost sellers anything to sell their house to East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC.

No Repairs

You don’t have to worry about what a professional inspector will find about your Knoxville house; a direct sale allows you to sell without spending any money on costly repairs. If there are issues with the property, you’re responsible, even if you discover them after the sale. Buying from a company like East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC means they’ll handle the repairs. East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC buys houses directly in as-is condition.

No Professional Fees

The reason buyers use agents is that they’re overwhelmed with paperwork, keeping track of all of the deadlines involved with conventional listings, and helping them meet their mortgage lender’s requirements. Aside from paying real estate commissions, buyers often ask sellers to cover fees to qualify. Whether you want to skip paying commissions to sell your Knoxville house for cash or not, professional buyers like East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC don’t charge commissions. At East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC, direct sales mean no hidden fees, no surprises; the amount of our offer is what you’ll get at closing.

No Waiting

Putting your home on the real estate market in Knoxville makes it impossible to predict when it’ll sell. No matter how you list your house, whether FSBO or agent, there’s no guarantee it’ll sell. When it comes to selling as an FSBO, statistics show your chances of selling faster and at market value are higher with an agent. You don’t have to pay holding costs as days, weeks, and months pass, and you keep getting bills, so if you’d rather not, you can sell your Knoxville house to professional buyers like East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC with a guaranteed closing date, so you don’t have to pay anything. A full-service in-house team at East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC gives them the ability to close in days.

No Stress

Most buyers have to close on a property by a specific date, so sellers have to make a temporary move and go through the process again when their next place is ready. Selling your Knoxville house can be done directly without spending any money on moving because professional buyers like East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC are flexible and can work with you to arrange the most convenient closing date. Buying from East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC is easy and fast thanks to their professional buyers.

Sell your Knoxville house without spending a dime with East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC. Get in touch with a local seasoned professional buyer at East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC today and let’s talk about selling your house.

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