How to Sell Your Knoxville House if You Live on a Busy Street

Sell your Knoxville house on a busy street.
Selling A House On A Busy Street Can Be Tricky

Selling a house may sound like a simple and straightforward ordeal; however, in most cases, it really isn’t. You may have to tackle a number of challenges, some expected and some completely unexpected. If you wish to sell your Knoxville house that’s located on a busy street, finding a suitable buyer that’s willing to pay the right price can become all the more difficult. 

Not many people prefer to live amidst the noise of traffic. And that’s something you can do nothing about. Does that mean you shouldn’t expect to get a good price for your house? Absolutely not! Continue reading this blog post to know how you can sell your Knoxville house if you live on a busy street. 

The Price is Right

We understand how valuable your house is to you. You definitely have a price point that you want to sell your house at, but when you’re living on a busy street, setting the right price is a bit difficult. Living on a busy street has plenty of advantages, including easy access to public transport and utility stores, but you can’t turn a blind eye to the cons. The noise pollution from the traffic and the safety hazard for your children and pets are some of the biggest cons that can impact the value of your house.

Homebuyers are smarter today than they were a few years ago. They do their own research before anything, and if the price of your property is quoted on the higher side, they’ll simply move past your listing. We suggest you consult a professional home buyer like the ones at the East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC and let them give you a fair cash offer for your Knoxville house.


Curb Appeal

Most homeowners invest a good chunk of their savings into making their houses look aesthetically appealing. However, if you wish to sell your house located on a busy street in Knoxville, you’ll have to add elements that obscure the house from the main street and help cut down traffic noise. In this case, you’ll have to think through landscaping elements. Walls, fencing, and shrubbery can obscure your house and make your property look more private. 

Installing a fountain or a small artificial waterfall to your landscape can also increase the chances of selling your Knoxville house on a busy street at a good price, as it can reduce the noise coming into the house.

Include Extra Parking Space

The lack of parking space can become a major obstacle when you’re trying to sell your Knoxville house on a busy street. Potential buyers might not want to park their cars on the main road. What you can do is add extra parking space inside your property. It’ll increase the value of your Knoxville house significantly. 

You should add recreational amenities to your property to make up for the busy location. You can add a pergola, pool area, private garden, a BBQ area, etc., depending on the space that you’ve got in your yard. This will lure potential buyers into buying your Knoxville house on a busy street at a good price.  

East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC

If you modify your property just right, the value of your house will quickly go up. However, remember that not all upgrades are associated with a good ROI. Have an expert from East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC to help you understand which modifications and upgrades are worth it. 

Our agents help you compare the price you can get for your property if you sell directly or through a real estate agent. East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC also buys houses at a fair price and pays you in cash. If you want to learn more about how we can help you sell your Knoxville house that’s located on a busy street, give us a call at (865)935-8680 or send us a message.

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