Explore Your Selling Options Before Signing a Listing Agreement in Knoxville

Don't know which way to go when it comes to selling your home? Weigh all of your options first.
Consider Your Selling Options Before Inking That Listing Agreement.

There are many ways to reach the closing table from the moment you decide to sell your home. 

It is important to explore your home sale options before signing a listing agreement in Knoxville to ensure the best results for your home sale.


It is not uncommon for sellers in Knoxville to attempt for sale by owner home sales to save real estate commissions before ultimately signing a listing agreement. An FSBO listing can go terribly wrong, so you should enter into this venture with an open mind about what can happen. Most owners do not succeed in their attempts, resulting in a great deal of time and money wasted and some costly lessons learned. A large number of buyers are searching the top online real estate sites, and if your property doesn’t appear on these sites, you might miss out on many potential buyers. The most common issue for sellers on these sites is the low-quality digital images used in their marketing, and the tech-savvy buyers of today typically scroll by if the pictures are not high-quality. Setting a realistic listing price is another challenge. If the price is too low or too high, there is little interest in the property. Last but not least, negotiating your home’s sale can become an emotionally charged event, which can derail the deal, so stay calm throughout the process. Don’t let emotions get in the way of doing business

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Freshening up the appearance of your home and making preparations for the inevitable showings and photos for marketing can be time-consuming and expensive; however, agents must meet the highest standards for your listing to stand out among the competition. While speediness is not the strong suit of a real estate agent, time is an essential factor to consider before signing a listing agreement in Knoxville. An agent can tell you the average number of days homes are currently sitting on the market, so you can decide if you can afford any possible delays, including those that follow your acceptance of an offer. However, the payoff for your patience is earning the highest potential market value for your home, and with the current seller’s market, you may find yourself coming out on the top of a bidding war!

Professional Investor

Perhaps the thought of strangers walking through your home or scanning the images of your property online leaves you with a less than comforting feeling. When you’re working with a professional investor, you can forget about all of the hassles of keeping everything spotless and your family ready to pack up and go. If you’re in a hurry for the sale proceeds, before signing a listing agreement in Knoxville with an agent, you should know that a professional investor can close on most properties in a matter of days. You won’t need to worry about passing the inspection or any delays caused by problems they find or your buyers backing out. Your closing date is guaranteed when you work with a professional investor who will make you a cash offer for your home as-is.

Hybrid Agent Investor

No matter what obstacles you may be facing, there’s a new option that sellers should know about before signing a listing agreement in Knoxville, the hybrid agent investor. Combining the best of both, these professional investors are also licensed real estate agents who can work for you as an agent or as a professional investor. Of course, a hybrid agent investor wants what is best for you, so they lay all of the numbers out on the table with absolutely nothing hidden. First, they will detail what you would likely earn from the sale by using a traditional listing on the MLS, working as your real estate agent, including their commissions. Next, you’ll be provided with all of the details of a direct offer to buy your home for cash, working as a professional buyer, with no commissions. Hybrid agent investors will do this for you to make an educated decision about which method of sale works best for your specific circumstances. Of course, to do this, you must know precisely how much cash you’d have in your pocket when you leave the closing table. 

Consider calling East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC before signing a listing agreement. East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC has the best of all selling options rolled into one. The hybrid agent investors at East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC want what is best for you, so there is no obligation to work with us and no pressure. We’re your neighbors who live and work here in Knoxville and look forward to helping you with all of your future real estate needs. At East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC, we’re always fair because we want to ensure you’ll feel good about the deal long after closing. Contact East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC today at (865) 935-8680.

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