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3 Options for Selling Your Land in Knoxville

having more options when you sell land mean's a bigger pay day at the closing table.
When it comes to selling land the more options you have, the bigger your bottom line!

Would you like to sell your land at this time? Your land has probably been on your mind since you first thought about selling it. Having a good understanding of the basics of each option is essential before you put your land on the market. What are the average days on the market with each sales method, for instance? Is there any inconvenience or work involved in each type of sale, and what are the costs? What effect does the sales method have on your bottom line?

Making the right choice for your current financial and personal needs begins with knowing the answers to these questions before you sell. In this article, we examine three options for selling your property in Knoxville. This article provides information only, not legal or financial advice.

List Your Land

A market listing is one option for selling your land in [market_city]. It is common for sellers to turn to real estate agents and are willing to pay high fees to avoid red tape and paperwork. Land listings are typically on the market for longer than residential properties. Your agent can help you determine how long your property will be on the market and will place it on the best sites; however, land sales are generally slower than residential sales. If you plan to sell your land FSBO to save real estate commissions, however, you may want to consider this route. When you enter the real estate market on your own, you should review the abysmal statistics. Most of the time, the results are disappointing for the small percentage of people who do succeed, with a lower final sales price and longer selling times. You should also expect to pay for your online marketing, hiring professionals to create high-quality imagery to present your listing effectively. FSBO and agent listings versus our cash purchase offer can be compared to how much you can profit from FSBO or agent listings. We want you to feel good about working with East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC long after you have closed because the local professional buyers at East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC operate with a policy of complete transparency.

Owner Finance

There is a limited pool of buyers for land, making it an exclusive market. When it comes to selling your land in Knoxville owner financing is a creative option that increases the number of potential buyers. If you are willing to finance your buyers, you can ask for a higher sales price. Due to the spread out tax payments over the contract years, installment sales provide lower tax payments. The installment payments will generate cash flow while earning interest as well. As long as you hold title, the land remains yours if the buyer cannot fulfill the contract. You can also close your deal much more quickly because you avoid the red tape and paperwork associated with traditional lenders. There are some sellers who don’t have the time available to use this option, such as East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC‘s professional buyers. You may be able to sell your land directly to a professional buyer from East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC if you want convenience and speed, or if your personal or financial circumstances call for a quick sale. With East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC, you can guarantee a closing date for your land by selling it directly to the buyer. 

Direct Sale

Working with professional buyers like those at East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC who buy land directly is a lesser-known way to sell your land in Knoxville. Here in Knoxville, these are professional investors who work with sellers like you to solve their problems. If you want to sell your land directly, East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC saves you time and money since commissions are never charged. We offer a full range of services to our professional buyers through an in-house team of industry experts, including every expert needed from the initial assessment to closing. In contrast to selling directly, working with professional buyers at East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC and their team will save you more money because closing costs will not be incurred. The amount you offer for a direct sale to the professional buyers at East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC is the amount you will have in hand when you walk away from the closing table, with no commissions, hidden fees, or surprises.

Making a direct sale to East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC is quick, easy, and straightforward when you sell your land in Knoxville. Get in touch with a professional buyer at East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC about selling your land today.

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