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East Tennessee Home Buyers is the #1 choice for home sellers looking to sell their homes for cash in Knoxville. Why East Tennessee Home Buyers? We buy houses in Knoxville for cash as-is. We buy houses in any condition, and we have been known to pay the most cash consistently in Knoxville. To receive a fair cash offer for your home, all you have to do is call us at 865-935-8680. We’ll come to your place and assess your property, giving you a cash offer the same day. 

There are both pros and cons of selling a home for cash. One of the reasons that East Tennessee Home Buyers has the reputation that it has is that our company puts the best interests and well-being of our clients first. In other words, when we make deals, we do business in a way that is beneficial and prosperous for ourselves and our clients, or we don’t do business at all! With that said, there are several things to consider before choosing a cash home buyer. Please, observe the top three most important things you should know:

Top 3 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Cash Home Buyer

If you are interested in selling your home for cash in Knoxville, carefully consider the following first:

1. You are in the ‘Water’ with Sharks

The primary reason that it’s so important to choose the right cash home buyer is that home investors are sharks. 99% of cash home buyers are there to make a profit, and despite what they say, they don’t give a damn about your needs or well-being! They will mislead and outright lie to you to get the deal they want. East Tennessee Home Buyers is proud to be in the 1% on this topic.

2. Don’t Automatically Take the Highest Offer

It is very common for cash home buyers to exploit the needs and vulnerabilities of their clients. For example, many cash home buyers will offer more cash than any other buyer to get the deal. Then, at the time of closing, they will talk-down the seller or even threaten to exit the deal, knowing that the seller needs the money or is ready to get the deal done now.

3. Do Your Research

The best measure that you have of how the experience will go with a cash home buyer is based on what that home buyer’s past clients have to say about them. Use the Internet to your advantage and read as many reviews as you can.

Always Be Honest About Your Property

Often, when deals fall through, it’s not the home buyer’s fault, even though they might receive the blame. Sometimes, homeowners withhold facts about the home because they feel that they will receive less if they disclose the full information. Remember, professional home buyers are experts at finding out everything they need to know about a house, so be sure to be completely honest with your home buyer. We buy houses in Knoxville in any condition, so we expect the property to have problems. As long as we know everything, we can make you a fair cash offer.

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