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Are you wondering, “who’ll buy my house in Tennessee?” Or “how can I sell my house fast?” We, at East Tennessee Home Buyers, can help. Houses can take quite some time to find a buyer, and realtor commissions and fees can really add up. But you don’t have to worry about all that with us. We buy houses in Tennessee in their exact condition. You do not need to make any renovations or repairs, or pay to dispose of the things you don’t want —we’ll take care of it all. Moreover, there are no realtor fees or commissions. You’ll be able to sell your house without a realtor.

Why You Should Consider Selling Your Home to Professional Home Buyers

Over the last decade, the real estate market has changed considerably. It’s become more common for home sellers to come across investors. But like most home sellers, this might be your first time encountering professional home buyers. So, why should you consider dealing with an investor?

  • Cash offers

In real estate, cash is king. Most professional home buyers pay cash, and with the current financial restrictions combined with the increasing complaints concerning low appraisals, a cash buyer is more than welcomed.

  • Flexible Payments Methods

Professional home buyers can offer multiple payment options, for instance, cash, take over your existing mortgage, pre-scheduled cash payments, or certified funds. With different options, it’s easy to find a solution that meets your needs.

  • You Pick A Closing Date

When you sell your house to a traditional buyer, you do not have much say in its closing date. A traditional sale can even take months to close, as the buyer prepares their funds and paperwork. Traditional buyers can also put contingencies which stipulate when you need to vacate, sometimes before you are ready.

By selling your house to a professional home buyer, you set the terms and choose a closing date. If you want your house sold and closed within seven days, an investor can make that happen, something that wouldn’t be possible with a traditional sale.

For professional homebuyers, the sale of your home doesn’t rely on factors such as house inspections, approved finances, or appraised values. Cash buyers bypass all those steps, fast-tracking the process.

  • Avoid the Risk of Low Appraisals

Home appraisals are infamously fickle. A lender determines the value of your home by evaluating it against similar sales. That means comparing your home against other houses in your neighborhood that might have sold for less for unknown reasons. A low appraisal may make the lender decrease the loan offer, even after the buyer and seller have settled on the price. If the loan amount is less, the buyer usually cannot afford to purchase the house. Cash investors are not bothered about mortgage applications, avoiding the chances of potentially breaking the deal with the homeowner.

  • Peace Mind

Cash purchases give you a sense of security. Selling your house outright means you won’t have to worry about covering the mortgage or foreclosure.

Sell Your Home Hustle-Free

Our dedicated team has made it a mission to provide homeowners like you an exceptional home selling experience. Since we buy houses in Tennessee for cash, our simple 4-step process is the fastest way to be sure that your house will sell in the shortest time possible while avoiding hassles of repairs, realtors, and uncertainty. Call us on (865) 935-8680 to sell your house today.

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