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Selling Your Home In Knoxville During Covid 19

The coronavirus pandemic has forced people to stay at home. This has affected the real estate sector and house sales badly. Not only the United States is witnessing changes in property prices, but the world is also recording shift in this arena.

Fortunately, East Tennessee is having changes in the upright position. Yes, the average home prices have increased by 6% in this state. Another interesting fact is there are more buyers in Knoxville than homes for sales. This is why realtors are calling it a seller’s market. Not to mention, mortgage rates are relatively low, encouraging people to buy their dream house. 

Generally, housing sales go up during the summers because more people move to new homes. But this state is recording sales after the summer season. COVID-19 has not stopped East Tennessee Home Buyers from purchasing homes here in Knoxville and the surrounding counties. We understand the importance of wearing mask’s and the use of hand sanitizer when meeting with sellers. Ensuring the property safety precautions for both buyers & sellers is a must! 

However, some people find it difficult to sell their house amid the current situation. Well, there are ways that you can implement while staying at your home. Read the article to understand the tips for selling your home in Knoxville. 

Tips for Selling Your Home in Knoxville

Take it Virtual

As we have already witnessed, technology has kept us all connected. The same way technology is playing a part in different fields. Not to mention, we may have to depend on IT for a longer time according to the current circumstances. Technology is also helping the real estate industry in several ways. 

Realtors are using virtual technology to show properties to prospective buyers through virtual tours. For selling your house, it’s important to upload a video of your house online. You also need to go live for your house tours. For interacting with a customer, you can live stream through Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms. When a client contacts you, you can share the links on the platforms mentioned earlier. You can also set an appointment with the buyers and give them a live tour at that time. 

Be Realistic

Most people have a habit of expecting more than what can actually happen. Some of them also depend on the future. These approaches will take you nowhere. You need to be realistic while selling your home in Knoxville. Yes, the prices are great from the past few months, but you don’t know what angle COVID-19 will take. Some properties can reach their record-breaking prices; others can come back with lower prices than before. This is why you need to be realistic and expect what the returns can be. 

You need to prepare yourself for any surprises in the real estate market. If you want to sell your property for some reason and can’t wait for the price to go down, then it’s better to sell your house. 

Make Procedure Easy

Because of COVID-19, people are trying to avoid going outside and interacting with others. If you want to sell your house at this time of crisis, you need to make the procedure easy for clients. Offer teleconference features to your customers. It allows face-to-face interaction while adapting to safety rules. Platforms like Google Hangouts and Zoom allows you to discuss the procedure virtually and safely. These applications also offer you to share documents with every party at the same time. 

Another feature you can offer is E-signing. Although some realtors are already offering e-signing documents, some are still far away from this technology. Not to mention, this feature has become more crucial than ever. You can offer your clients to sign documents like offer letters and closing agreements while staying at their own home. 

Invest in Professional Photography 

As mentioned earlier, you need to rely on technology and advancement to sell your property. Moreover, you need to make sure that your house has a top-notch online appearance. Of course, if you take random pictures that make your house appear small, ugly, and untidy, no one will care to purchase it. You may be thinking of trying photography by yourself. It can work a bit if you have little knowledge about the art of photography. However, it’s best to hire a professional. They may take a good amount of money, but you can sell your house faster and for more money. 

The photographer will ensure to highlight all the significant features of your home. Furthermore, if your property is located between scenic views that you want to show off, consider using aerial technology. You can also take aerial photos if you have a home located on a huge plot of land. Because of the advancement in photography, you can get aerial photos at affordable prices. This will surely attract your prospective clients. 

Bottom Line

East Tennessee Home Buyers can still purchase your property during the COVID 19 epidemic regardless of your situation or the condition. Selling your home in Knoxville is not as difficult as you may think. We strive to ensure a safe and stress free experience. There’s no obligation. Give us a call today  865-935-8680