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Our enthusiasm lies in assisting homeowners in sidestepping the conventional hassles, while enhancing the appeal of each home, one at a time.

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About East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC

At East Tennessee Home Buyers, our primary goal is to offer you a seamless and worry-free experience when getting rid of your home. We recognize that each homeowner’s situation is unique, and we have a proven track record of assisting numerous families and individuals throughout the East Tennessee region with their selling needs.

Our aim is to offer swift and effective solutions that assist homeowners in resolving challenging situations. Whether you’re facing foreclosure, burdened with a property that’s become difficult to manage, dealing with a house in probate, planning a sudden move, or hindered by costly repairs preventing a sale, we’re here to help. Our services extend to those who may still co-own a property with an ex-spouse or have any other obstacles preventing them from enjoying life without the burden of a property.

The Team, The Company, And Who We Are

East Tennessee Homes Buyers stands as a highly esteemed home purchasing service in the region, backed by nearly two decades of invaluable real estate expertise. Our commitment is to provide property owners with an array of solutions, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. We specialize in the acquisition of both houses and multi-family properties across Knoxville, Maryville, and Oak Ridge. Distinctively, we are not real estate agents; rather, we are direct buyers.

This means we bypass the traditional listing process, avoiding commissions, appraisals, and numerous inspections. Instead, we offer to purchase with no financing, simplifying the entire transaction for your convenience. We offer prompt solutions designed to assist homeowners in overcoming challenging circumstances, weather it’s dealing with foreclosure, managing a rental with bad tenants, navigating some probate issues with a house, planning a swift move, grappling with costly repairs that hinder a sale, co-owning a property a property with an ex-partner, or any other situation that stands in the way of enjoying life free from the burdens of property ownership! Selling for cash may not be for everyone but for some, it may be their only option. A lack of time or financial resources can play a big roll in the decision making process.

Selling for cash can also provide a certain level of privacy and anonymity that may be appealing to sellers who would like to keep the sell private from nosy neighbors.

East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC Receives 2018 Best of Knoxville!Best of Knoxville

The primary objective of the Knoxville Award Program is to acknowledge and honor outstanding local businesses in our community. Our program is dedicated to partnering with local business owners, professional associations, trade groups, and other business marketing and advertising organizations. We strive to highlight the significant contributions of small businesses to the overall economy of the United States.

Our Approach to Assisting Homeowners

If you have any inquiries about our procedures, our process, or how we can assist you in avoiding foreclosure, or if you simply want to discover more about us, please feel free to reach out to us at any time. We’re here to help!

What Truly Matters Most. The pivotal aspect of our approach is ensuring that property owners walk away with a strong sense of fairness and a mutually beneficial outcome for all parties involved. Our commitment revolves around assisting others in resolving their challenges, and this remains our top priority!

When you share your circumstances with us, we will craft an offer tailored to address your housing concerns. Your words matter to us, and we diligently explore the best possible solution that will provide you with the greatest assistance.

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