How to Sell Your House Directly in Knoxville, Even With a Mortgage

In the event that you have been considering selling your home directly for cash, but you have an existing mortgage, you might be wondering how the process works. You don’t need to worry because it’s quite common for sellers to sell their homes directly to the lender after they have received the payment for the mortgage … Continued

How to Sell Your Knoxville House Without Spending Any Money

In order to sell your home, you prep it and make repairs to attract buyers, spending a lot of energy, money, and time before you even list it. As well as showings, paying high commissions, fees, and closing costs, sellers face a lot of hassle.  You can also work with a professional to handle the … Continued

5 Hidden Costs of Your Knoxville, TN Land

In retirement, real estate investments can provide you with a healthy passive income and generational wealth. However, when buying land, there are more costs than the initial purchase and any monthly payments. In other words, if you thought that owning vacant land would free you from further expenses, you may want to reevaluate your investment. Your investment … Continued

3 Options for Selling Your Land in Knoxville

Would you like to sell your land at this time? Your land has probably been on your mind since you first thought about selling it. Having a good understanding of the basics of each option is essential before you put your land on the market. What are the average days on the market with each sales method, for instance? Is there any … Continued

What You Should Know About Selling Land in Knoxville, TN

The process of selling land differs significantly from selling a residential home, and there are several essential factors you should be aware of to ensure success and maximize your sales price. Presenting land for sale requires creativity and imagination since when you sell land, you are marketing its future potential uses to buyers. If your listings don’t look right, … Continued