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How to Sell an Off-Market Property Listing in Knoxville

Your house doesn’t have to be listed on a traditional property listing in Knoxville. The current seller’s market is being driven by a population that is moving away from the larger cities along with a pool of people skimming over the rental phase typically experienced in early adulthood, opting for a more permanent lifestyle with … Continued

How to Sell Your House in Knoxville in 4 Simple Steps

Would you be interested in selling your house right now? The best way to sell your Knoxville house is not necessarily to list with a real estate agent who places the house on the MLS. The traditional listing process is often hampered by hurdles, which means homeowners need to explore other options to sell their … Continued

4 Unconventional Ways to Sell Your House in Knoxville

Is your house in Knoxville on the market? The majority of people envision applying for a real estate agent’s services and listing their home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The truth is that this isn’t always the best way to sell your home.  The amount of time you have to realize the value of … Continued

How to Simplify the Home Selling Process in Knoxville

Putting your house on the market is fraught with red tape, not to mention time-consuming and expensive. Selling a house can be a stressful endeavor. With so many decisions to make and complicated legal forms to understand, it is comforting to work with an experienced real estate professional to take care of the details. Nonetheless, … Continued

How Much Your Empty House in Knoxville is Really Costing You

Your home has already been listed on the market and you have already spent the profits in your imagination. What is the estimated amount of money you’ll need for the house before it sells? Would it cost more if the house stayed on the market longer? Keeping your property on the market can be costly. … Continued

A Breakdown of Fees for Homeowners Listing Their Homes in Knoxville

The costs of listing a home in Knoxville are considerably greater than most homeowners realize. In order to properly prepare financially for the expenditure of funds, homeowners must have realistic expectations about actual listing costs. It’s unfortunate that not all costs are apparent, and all too often, homeowners are in a financial bind because they … Continued