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Costs of Holding Onto An Inherited House in Knoxville

Costs associated with owing an inherited home in Knoxville, TN
Knowing the ongoing cost of inheriting a home in Knoxville, TN is the key whether you decide to keep it or sell it!

Have you recently inherited a house in Knoxville or the surrounding areas? If that answer is yes then you have inherited all the property expenses and upkeep associated with home ownership. While it’s normal for loved ones to will real estate to their children or beneficiaries, many find it difficult to afford the ongoing monthly expenses. It’s not unusual for these homes to need costly maintenance and upgrades. Depending on your circumstances, you need to ask yourself do you invest time and money to renovate and sell on the open market or do you sell my inherited house cash to a locally trusted home buyer such as East Tennessee Home Buyers.

Its possible you already own a home in Knoxville or even reside out of state and have no desire to move into the property you’ve inherited. While there may be a great deal of emotion you’re going thru, it’s important to focus on the fact that any sentimental value won’t pay for the monthly expenses of owning an inherited house. This unfortunate reality often leads to the ultimate decision to sell your Knoxville property. Whatever you decide to do, a good piece of advise is to not delay in maintaining the property. An excellent place to begin managing your inherited Knoxville home is locating the contact and payment details on existing expenses. 

Below is a list of expenses you can expect to receive. Read on to learn about all of the costs of holding onto an inherited house in Knoxville.


If there is an existing mortgage on the inherited Knoxville property then the lender is typically responsible for disbursing the property taxes. If the house you inherited in Knoxville is free and clear, check with your local tax assessors’ office to make sure when the property taxes are due. Next, Setting up a budget is a smart thing to do while your deciding whether to keep or sell your inherited property in Knoxville.


If there’s an existing mortgage on the property find out if it’s escrowed. If so, the lender will pay the insurance when it’s time to renew. If the home is owned outright, contact the insurer and find out when the premium is due. Keeping current on home insurance is of the utmost importance when you inherited a house in Knoxville. 

Assumption of Mortgage

Lenders will more than likely require you to qualify before letting you assume the mortgage. The days of non qualifying assumable mortgages are a thing of the past. As an alternative, simply make the payments to the mortgage until you sell the inherited house in Knoxville. If you do decide to keep the property, refinancing may be a better alternative as you may be able to get a lower interest rate as part of a renovation loan as well as take advantage of more tax breaks.


While you are not necessarily obligated to pay the utility bills under the name of the deceased, It’s best to make any past due payments as well as keep up on future payments moving forward otherwise they could become liens on the property and taken out of the profits when your inherited house in Knoxville is sold.


Should you be considering maintaining ownership of the inherited property, it would be advised to have a professional home inspection done to understand what you are getting into fully. Depending on the length of time that the house in Knoxville has been vacant and the amount of repair the property may need, holding onto an inherited house in Knoxville could become extremely expensive to maintain. Repairs on older properties can easily add up quick. You can avoid many of these costly expenses by calling companies that buy houses cash in Knoxville like East Tennessee Home Buyers.


It’s easy to tell which homes are vacant because the yard typically becomes unmanaged adding to the distressed appearance. Unless you have the time, you will need to ensure that the yard is properly maintained when holding onto an inherited house in Knoxville. That means additional cost for you.

If you contact East TN Home Buyers, we can help you eliminate the additional holding costs of a home you inherited in Knoxville. East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC will pay you a fair price cash offer and close within 7 days. If you feel you cant handle the emotions of going through the possessions of your loved ones to clean out the property, you can leave everything or take what you like, East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC makes the home selling process easy and will handle the everything for you. Call East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC at (865) 935-8680 or send us a message today to receive your fair cash offer for your Knoxville, TN property!

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