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3 Ways Selling Your Home Has Changed Over the Last 5 Years in Knoxville

As buyers’ preferences have changed over the past five years, the approach to selling houses has evolved significantly as well. In today’s market, it makes no sense to tidy up and place a for sale sign in the yard, waiting for a buyer to show up. The advancement of technology has improved the flow of information and a new understanding of how to present real estate in a way that appeals to highly savvy online buyers from around the globe, increasing profits with well-structured systems. 

In understanding buyers’ mindsets and motivations, you attain the best selling price by acting on that knowledge.  So read on as we explore three ways selling your home has changed over the last five years in Knoxville.

Listing Expenses

As it relates to agents, marketing & expenses go hand in hand when selling your home. Selling has changed over the last five years in Knoxville. Home stagers are typically hired to not only showcase your home’s best features but also to inspire a buyer’s imagination. By arranging and using color carefully, stagers provide buyers with a blank canvas on which they can imagine living in the space. Buyers feel a homeowner’s presence and ownership of a space when they see a team banner, a trophy, or even a sign of their pet. Digital imagery of the highest quality is expected by buyers, and they typically scroll by listings with poor-quality images. As societal norms have evolved, 360-degree virtual tours have become standard to meet the demands of buyers on a worldwide online platform, eliminating distance concerns and limiting in-person showings to serious buyers. In addition to the inspection, appraisal, commissions, fees, and closing costs, you should consider holding onto the property during the listing agreement. You won’t have to pay commissions or closing costs when you sell directly to local professionals like those at East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC. 

Buyers Expectations

In Knoxville over the last five years, buyers have become much more focused on meeting a number of their needs in the home they buy. The families are also looking for a ready-to-move-in home with ample space for remote work or education, in addition to good schools and nearby amenities.walkable community and backyards with pools and outdoor entertainment are important to them. There is heightened awareness among buyers as they narrow down their target market and narrow down the candidates. They can quickly determine if a property is overpriced or underpriced and move on to listings that are in line with the market value. These buyers typically aren’t interested in fixer-uppers. In contrast, some sellers are financially capable of throwing out lowball offers and putting in the work in hopes of finding the bargain of a lifetime. The direct home buyers at East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC are local professional investors who have evolved as a viable option for sellers to avoid the hassle of negotiations and showings, with closings in as little as a few days. Furthermore, at East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC, our direct buyers will make a fair offer for your property in as-is condition, which will save you money. Every number used in our offer calculations is detailed. The difference between us and the competition is that we will tell you if listing is the better option based on your extenuating circumstances, such as the value of convenience in your busy life, the speed at which you need to sell and any financial constraints you may have. You’ll always know exactly what your home is worth when working with a professional home buyer at East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC.

East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC

We at East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC have seen how the process of selling a home has changed in Knoxville over the last five years. If you need help navigating the waters, we are here to help. When you work with East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC, you can expect smooth sailing. We can provide you with all the data you need to compare your options and make an informed decision. We do this because we want you to feel good about the deal long after the closing; find out today how East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC can help you without obligation. You won’t find any pressure tactics at East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC; we are proud of our work helping our neighbors like you solve problems one property at a time.  Call East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC at (865) 935-8680.

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