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5 Benefits of Selling Your Knoxville House to Local Cash Investors

Quick closings, no out of pocket expense and piece of mind are just a few of the benefits when you sell to East Tennessee Homebuyers.
Selling to a cash Homebuyer can make the entire selling process a lot easier!

It can be a stressful and exhausting experience for the entire family to list a house for sale, not to mention expensive and time-consuming. From the initial preparations to the everyday pressure of keeping your home up to date for possible last-minute showings. Consider, however, the possibility that your property or circumstances may not be suitable for listing on MLS in Knoxville. Directly selling your Knoxville home can be advantageous in that case.  

Through alternative sales methods, local cash investors provide valuable benefits by working around obstacles that may hinder the sales process. Here are five benefits of selling your home to a local cash investor in your Knoxville if you are considering selling. 

No Waiting

Is it urgent for you to sell? Sadly, Knoxville real estate agents can only provide you with an average number of days on the market for a listing, and they can’t promise a sale. You can become extremely disheartened when you wait for the phone to ring and hear nothing, while your monthly household expenses, mortgage, and insurance continue to drain your finances. The guarantee of a closing date is another benefit of selling your Knoxville home to local cash investors. When a cash investor from East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC will work with you to schedule the most convenient move date, you’ll save even more time and money than you thought possible.

No Repairs

Are you having problems maintaining your property? Listed properties in Knoxville with a clear need for repair tend to languish or receive insultingly low offers. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about passing an inspection when you sell your Knoxville house to a local cash investor. Investors at East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC can buy houses as-is for cash, saving you from the potential financial damage and headaches that come with repairing them. 

No Showings

How do you feel about showings? In order to attain the highest final sales price, real estate agents must focus on presenting your property in the best light. Their fees also include high-quality digital imagery 360-degree virtual tours for your marketing in addition to the prep work. Furthermore, they hire professional stagers to make your home look like an open canvas, helping buyers visualize themselves living there. The advantage of selling your Knoxville house to local cash investors is that you will avoid showings and marketing costs.

No Commissions

Is it more convenient for you to keep the commissions yourself? It is not uncommon for sellers to try to list their properties as FSBOs in order to avoid having to pay real estate agent commissions. Statistics prove that for sale by owner properties are much less likely to sell for more than their counterparts on the market, despite this train of thought being perfectly understandable. If you sell your Knoxville house to local cash investors, you don’t have to worry about commissions coming off your profits. You will benefit from working with a professional to handle the paperwork without paying the high price charged by commission-based investors like East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC.

No Closing Costs

Making a no-obligation call to a cash investor at East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC today can help you learn more about the benefits of selling your Knoxville home to local cash investors. Discover the benefits of working with East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC and their full-service team of industry specialists, which includes everything needed to make the direct sale of your Knoxville home a quick and easy process while saving you time and money. Call East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC at (865) 935-8680.

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