Costs of Holding Onto An Inherited House in Knoxville

Have you recently inherited a house in Knoxville or the surrounding areas? If that answer is yes then you have inherited all the property expenses and upkeep associated with home ownership. While it’s normal for loved ones to will real estate to their children or beneficiaries, many find it difficult to afford the ongoing monthly … Continued

6 Owner Financing Tips For Sellers In Knoxville

Considering owner financing to sell your home? read on and learn these owner financing tips for sellers in Knoxville… There are several different ways in which you can sell your home. Calling a real estate agent to put your home on the market may not be the best move . Contacting a locally trusted real … Continued

Can Appraisals Affect The Selling Price On A House In Knoxville?

If you’re thinking about selling your house then you are probably trying to figure out what your selling price might be. Part of that process is getting an appraisal (or valuation) on your home. So, if you’re wondering, “Can appraisals affect the selling price on a house in Knoxville?” then read on… If you’re thinking … Continued