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How to Sell a House With Title Problems in Knoxville, TN

Liens can tie up your equity. It's important to address this issue first before selling your home!
Finding liens against your home can put a serious damper on selling!

When you are trying to sell a house, an issue with the title can complicate things. Experiencing all the hassle and work of selling, only to discover when it’s finally time to close that there are issues with the title you thought was clear can be heartbreaking. Before you ultimately decide to sell, it’s in your best interest to perform a thorough title search!

The holding costs of your house continue to accumulate if you delay the sale. You must resolve any issues before you can proceed with the sale. We cannot cover every detail of title problems here, but we explore the basics of how to sell a house with title problems in Knoxville. The purpose of this article is to provide information, not to provide legal or financial advice.

Commonplace Issues

Tax liens, unpaid bills from contractors, and other issues can arise when selling a house with title problems in Knoxville, TN. Furthermore, there may be disputes over the boundary lines or claims by missing heirs or other owners on the property. Mistaken identities have also occurred if the previous owner or you have a common name. Unfortunately, errors can also occur when deed details are recorded by humans. When trying to resolve your issue, you should gather all possible documentation to support your claim. East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC offers fair cash offers for houses in Knoxville that you can walk away from your troubles with. We want you to agree that our offer for your Knoxville, TN house is fair, so our professional buyers will outline what you can expect without making a direct sale. At East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC, everyone on the team has the same passion for helping our neighbors, which is why it’s important to us that you feel good about your deal long after closing.


A title company in Knoxville, TN can help you clear the title so that you can sell your house with title problems. Having done your research and ensuring that the title company is proactive in assisting you is crucial, but you shouldn’t have to chase them down for progress to occur. You may need the assistance of a real estate attorney if the issues are severe, and you should make sure they have a track record of success in clearing titles. If you are considering hiring a title company or a real estate attorney, you should ask about their fees before you begin working together. When you sell directly to a professional buyer like those at East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC, you won’t have to worry about extra costs. In situations involving title problems, it’s helpful to know that East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC has an in-house team of highly regarded and experienced real estate professionals including title specialists and lawyers. 

East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC

You can save time, money, and headaches by selling a house with title problems to East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC in Knoxville, TN.  Get in touch with a local pro at East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC without any obligation whatsoever to find out how easy it is to jump over the hurdle of title problems. In addition, professional buyers at East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC never charge commissions to sellers, and no hidden broker fees or other surprises are awaiting you at the closing table when you need to sell a house. Call East Tennessee Home Buyers LLC at (865) 935-8680.

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